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Every industry has hard-to-handle process or by-product materials which present problems as irritants or health hazards and may represent considerable financial drain. Due to their nature, minute particles comprised of dust, fume, filter cake and mineral or chemical fines are extremely difficult to handle. The only practical way to work with these particles is to increase their size by combining them. This process, the conversion of solid fines to larger, more manageable shapes, is called agglomeration.

LegnoChem specializes in determining the right binder for your needs. With our line of specialty binders, we can find the binder that best fits your operation. We maintain a complete testing and research laboratory for the sole purpose of determining the best binder to agglomerate a variety of materials.

  • Sulphur Free Lignin
  • Organic Binders
  • Totally water proof binder for coal briquettes.
  • Binder & Dispersant