Lignin, lignosulfonates, black liquor, dust control, dust suppression, binders, plasticizer

LegnoChem is a leading provider of lignin-based dispersants, processing aids, and binding agents to the agrochemical industry. We maintain a complete testing and research laboratory for the sole purpose of determining the best wettable powders, suspension concentrates and water dispersible granules designed to meet to most demanding and exacting requirements of the AgChemical industry.

LegnoChem’s dispersants offer the following advantages:

  • Improved control for dispersion and suspension concentrates
  • Improved particle suspension in solution
  • Improved binding,extrusion and suspension aids for extruded granules
  • UV protection of photosensitive actives

Our extensive line of standard and premium lignosulfonates offer unparalleled performance as dispersing agents and binders.

Research and development

LegnoChem maintains a dedicated research and testing laboratory for the agricultural chemical industry to provide you with superior formulations and technical assistance.