Lignin, lignosulfonates, black liquor, dust control, dust suppression, binders, plasticizer

LegnoChem offers a selection of superior lignin-based products designed specifically for use in fertilizer production across a wide range of materials and product-specific processing methods.

General applications for our lignin-based products:

LegnoChem products offer several, end to end, cost-effective benefits for fertilizer manufacturing:

  • Raw material agglomeration
  • Improved pellet characteristics
  • Dust control during processing
  • End product dust control
  • Product conditioning for storage and distribution

Fertilizer specific applications:

LegnoChem lignin-based products are optimal for use with the following materials in fertilizer production:

  • Improved granulation and reduced caking on storage of phosphates
  • Increased hardness and reduced caking on storage of urea granules
  • Improved calcium phosphate and limestone pelleting with long term durability
  • Dust control / removal and elimination of mineral oils in potash blends