LegnoChem is a leading North American distributor of several environmentally friendly and economical lignin (lignosulfonates) based products.


Commonly know as black liquor, our sulphur-free lignosulfonate (lignin) based products are water soluble anionic polymers, a by-product of hardwood and softwood pulp production, with a variety of commercial, manufacturing and engineering applications. Lignin is a versatile, non-toxic by-product generated during the pulping process. Lignin is found in all cellulosic plants and is the adhesive that holds their fibers together. Lignin is the second most prominent component of the wood part of the tree, with cellulose being the principal component. Lignin comprises 20 to 35% of the wood substance and consists of the total non-carbohydrate fraction of the extractive-free wood.


Lignosulfonates can be used in a variety of commercial, manufacturing, mining, drilling and engineering applications. Lignin polymers act as excellent and cost effective binders (binding agents) in the dispersion of carbon black, pesticides and dyes as well as pellets (agglomeration) such as pelletized limestone, animal feed pellets, organic waste agglomeration, coal briquettes/ pellets, briquetting of mineral dust(fines, shavings, turnings),biomass pellets.

Lignosulfonates are optimal dispersing agents and binders for use in agricultural chemicals and fertilizer production, storage and distribution.

Lignin is also used as a plasticizer, reducing the amount of water required in the manufacturing of concrete, cement and plasterboard products while maintaining flow, increasing strength, reducing production times and cost.

As an alternative to tannic acids, lignin can be used in mineral slurries, reducing slurry viscosity, for oil drilling and mining applications.

Lignosulfonates are also a longer lasting, environmentally sound and cost effective solution for road dust control (dust suppression) than calcium flake.

Our lignosulfonates products are sold in liquid form and shipped via insulated rail tank cars and tanker trucks to customers throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.